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Saddles For Horse, SFH, is based in Bangalore with a manufacturing unit in Kanpur, the leather capital of India. We manufacture all kinds of Saddles, Saddle Pads, Bridles, Reins, Tendon boots, Ankle boots, Bits, Breast collars, Head collars, Lead ropes, Stirrup belts, Stirrup Iron, Martingales, Horse Grooming items and all other tack items in both leather and Synthetic material. We also manufacture Chaps, Breeches, Riding Boots, Riding Helmets and Whips for Riders.

We have been supplying to all of South India and UAE. We ship our products using logistics companies,

It is very important the gear you put on the Horse is Right. It is paramount for safety and comfort. Riders often say that they do not care if the saddle fits them or not but it is important it fit the horse it is on. However it is equally important the saddle fits the rider as well as the Horse. As if the saddle is not Right for the rider, the rider's pain and discomfort translates to down to the Horse. Equally important is the Rider should also have on the right gear on such as Riding Cap, Boots/Chaps, Breeches and Chest guard.

The most important thing is Riding should not hurt, neither the Horse nor the Rider.

There are many kinds of Saddles, below are images of few popular ones
All Purpose Saddle
Jumping Saddle
Dressage Saddle
Trooper Saddle
Western Saddle
Buy all purpose saddle in Bangalore
Bangalore jumping saddle
Synthetic dressage saddle
Trooper saddle for sale
Western Saddle available
Very important safety gear for Riders are
Riding Helmet
Body Protector
Buy Riding Helmet
Sale body protector
Buy breeches
Leather riding chaps for sale
Order leather riding boots


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